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Posts tagged "drug trafficking"

Drug Crimes: contraband

One of the more serious Drug Crimes in the PA crimes code is for the crime of Contraband.  You can be found guilty of drug crimes such as contraband if you aid a convicted person in getting  controlled substances in the prison. A person commits a felony of the second degree if he sells, gives, transmits, or furnishes to any convict in a prison, or inmate in a mental hospital, or gives away in or brings into any prison, mental hospital, or any building appurtenant thereto, read about cocaine crimes here  or on the land granted to or owned or leased by the Commonwealth or the county for the use and benefit of the prisoners or inmates, or puts it in any place where it may be secured by a convict of a prison, inmate of a mental hospital, or employee thereof, any controlled substance included in Schedules I through V of the Controlled Substance, Drug, Device and Cosmetic Act. There is a mandatory minimum that states the defendant shall be sentenced to no less than two years total confinement. Possession of controlled substance contraband by inmates is prohibited. A prisoner or inmate commits a felony of the second degree if he unlawfully has in his possession or under his control any controlled substance in violation of section 13(a)(16) of the Controlled Substance, Drug, Device and Cosmetic Act.

Drug Crimes: Drug Delivery resulting in death

one oof the most serious types of Drug Crimes is the charge of Drug Delivery resulting in death.  In order to be convicted of Drug Crimes such as drug delivery resulting in death, the government must meet several burdens.  Heroin  Under the old statute in Pennsylvania for drug delivery resulting in death, a person commits murder of the third degree who administers, dispenses, delivers, gives, prescribes, sells or distributes any controlled substance or counterfeit controlled substance in violation of section 13(a)(14) or (30) of the Controlled Substance, Drug, Device and Cosmetic Act, and another person dies as a result of using the substance. The mandatory minimum sentence for this offense under the old statute is a mandatory minimum term of imprisonment of five years and a fine of $15,000, or such a larger amount as is sufficient to exhaust the assets utilized in the proceeds from the illegal activity.

Drug Crimes and Addiction

Drug crimes are not just serious charges which can call for extended periods in prison, but they can also take a huge toll on the soul in the form of addiction. Frequently, individuals who are charged with drug crimes such as heroine or prescription drugs are not just casual users of the drugs, but addicts. As an attorney, handling cases such as these is very different than handling the typical criminal case. Defending Drug Crimes  The reason is that the client and typically the client's family is looking for solace from the battle against addiction. As an accused or a loved one accused, there are several things that you should keep in mind when searching for an experienced criminal defense attorney to handle the drug case of an individual fighting addiction.

Defending Drug Crimes

One of the primary way too defend against drug charges is to challenge the manner in which law enforcement seized the drugs. This can be done in several different ways. Defending Intent to Deliver cases First, you can challenge the manner and the basis for which the police stopped the accused's car or person. Second, you can challenge the police officer's decision to search an accused's car or person for illegal narcotics. And finally, you can also challenge whether the police had probable cause to arrest a defendant for either the possession or distribution of illegal narcotics.

Defending the Intent to Deliver (Drugs) Charge

Drug trafficking or distribution in Pennsylvania is referred to as "Possession with Intent to Deliver a Controlled Substance." Possession with the Intent to Deliver narcotics is an extremely serious crime and punishable anywhere from five to twenty years in prison depending upon the type of drug, the amount and a Defendant's prior record. Controlled substances include illegal drugs and narcotics such as cocaine, heroin, marijuana, prescription pills, Molly, PCP etc. If you are being investigated for such a crime or have been charged, it is imperative that you hire an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately.

Understanding the charges for drug dealing

Pennsylvania residents may be interested in learning more about the charges that may be filed against people accused of dealing or selling drugs. State laws typically govern the charges levied against people accused of drug offense within the local jurisdiction. When the drug allegations involve a military base, the nation's capital, multiple states or crossing international borders, federal statutes may be filed against the accused. Although general parameters do exist, each state operates according to its own unique set of laws.

More than 30 charged in connection with drug ring

According to police, 32 individuals are facing charges in Pennsylvania in connection with a Colombian drug ring. Local officials were informed in January 2014 of a possible connection between heroin trafficking in Montgomery County and in Medellin, Colombia, by agents with the Drug Enforcement Agency. The evidence of the connection was allegedly discovered during a wiretap investigation.

5 accused of involvement in Pennsylvania drug rings

Pennsylvania police officers took five people into custody in the Pittsburgh area on Jan. 12 after they were accused of being involved in a drug trafficking ring. One of the accused individuals, a 32-year-old man living in West Homestead, was believed to be a part of a motorcycle club that was known for operating a large prescription drug and cocaine ring.

Pennsylvania man shot after alleged drug sale

On Dec. 15, a Pennsylvania man who was shot by police in November stated that he fully cooperated with the authorities after he was allegedly caught selling drugs. Authorities reportedly shot the man after he was accused of attempting to flee the police following a controlled drug sale.

Pennsylvania's definition of firearm for mandatory sentence in PWID cases

In Pennsylvania, a person who is convicted of the crime of possession with the intent to deliver can face a number of mandatory minimum sentences.  One of the factual scenarios that can activate a mandatory minimum sentence is where a firearm is located in close proximity to the controlled substance being possessed for sale.

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