Defending You Or A Family Member Against Drug Charges

Drug crime penalties are a massive source of revenue for Pennsylvania. Due to its proximity to New York City, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., West Chester is often viewed as a hotbed for drug trafficking. Law enforcement routinely conducts investigations and charges individuals with drug-related crimes. If convicted, the penalties are often severe. You could be facing jail time, loss of employment, hefty fines and a damaged reputation.

The attorney you choose to represent you should be experienced and prepared to defend you aggressively in court. Police officials take a very detailed approach when investigating and charging individuals with drug crimes. Your attorney should have a similar plan of attack as he or she thoroughly investigates the circumstances of your case while strategically planning for an outcome that serves your best interests.

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If you are under investigation or have been charged with a drug crime in Pennsylvania, call Law Offices of Kelly & Conte right away. From offices in West Chester, our lawyers represent clients charged with drug offenses in Chester County and Delaware County, as well as state and federal court jurisdictions throughout Pennsylvania. Call us or contact our offices by email to arrange an initial consultation with an experienced West Chester drug offense attorney anytime, day or night.

Our criminal defense attorneys have more than 15 years of combined experience vigorously representing individuals throughout Pennsylvania who have been charged with possession, trafficking and conspiracy as it relates to the following drugs:

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We understand the law and we are aware of the tools that law enforcement officials use when pursuing a charge, including controlled buys and controlled deliveries. Wiretaps, roving wiretaps and confidential informants can all play a role in a potentially devastating conviction. The laws concerning wiretaps are complex, and we are highly knowledgeable in this field. We use our experience to give our clients the information they need to make confident choices about their cases. We are committed to protecting your rights and helping you obtain the best outcome possible.

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