When It's A Federal Case

Federal criminal defense is not something that just any attorney can take on. The processes and procedures involved in these high-stakes cases are not only unique, but also complex and challenging. Simply stated, federal offenses are unlike any other area of criminal law. Federal prosecutors are experienced, skilled and always prepared. The sheer resources they can access have led to convictions for the majority of people accused of federal crimes.

Experience At Your Side To Protect Your Rights And Best Interests

Retaining a lesser-experienced attorney or choosing not to secure legal counsel ignores the complexities and the stakes involved. Investigators who speak to you are not on your side. They presume that you are guilty. Testifying in court without a lawyer puts you at risk of either helping the prosecutor or facing perjury charges.

At Law Offices of Kelly & Conte, we provide sophisticated representation in federal cases that range from drug trafficking (marijuana, cocaine, heroin, meth or prescription medication) to theft by embezzlement and power of attorney.

Before doing what most people do and plead guilty before a trial, explore all of your options and contact us immediately. The sooner we get involved, the more we can do for you. Even at the grand jury stage before an arrest, we can review evidence and possibly avoid an indictment and arrest.

Even The Odds If You Are Facing Federal Charges

Our West Chester federal criminal defense attorneys represent clients charged with federal crimes throughout Pennsylvania. Fill out our intake form or call Law Offices of Kelly & Conte at 484-999-7805 to arrange an initial consultation with an experienced federal criminal defense attorney.