The Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (A.R.D.) program is available to those individuals who are non-violent and have little to no prior record.  Generally, individuals enter this program when they have been charged with a first offense for driving under the influence.  However, this program may be available for individuals who have been charged with other non-violent crimes.

If the individual is applying to A.R.D., the individual must fill out an A.R.D. application and waive his preliminary hearing and formal arraignment.  Individuals who are accepted into the program will be required to do various requirements to complete the A.R.D. program.  The most common examples are the requirements are: drug and alcohol evaluation and follow all recommended treatment; community service; pay restitution and fines and costs; and alcohol safety school (if DUI).

If the case involves DUI, the person entering the program will also have to surrender his driver’s license.  The period of suspension can vary, but the period will not exceed one year.

Finally, successful completion of the A.R.D. program will allow the person to have his charges expunged from his record.

In order to make sure that you are properly completing the A.R.D. application and complying with the requirements, it is important you contact an experienced attorney to help you with the process and advise you of your rights.