For those who have been accused of committing a drug offense, Drug Court is an option to consider.  Drug Court is another of Chester County’s alternative disposition programs.  Drug Court is a 12-24 month program where the individual is placed under intensive treatment.  Its aim is to treat non-violent drug dependent offenders with intensive supervision to help those individuals overcome their addiction, rather than simply punishing them.

In order to be eligible the individual must meet the following requirements: charged with a non-mandatory drug offense, not currently be on parole/probation supervision, have a drug addiction, have no record of violent offenses, be a legal resident of the United States, waive preliminary hearing, complete the drug court application, and complete a drug and alcohol assessment.

If the individual is accepted into this program, he will be required to complete all four (4) phases before he can “graduate.”  In order to graduate, the individual must complete all phases of the program, maintain sobriety for ninety (90) consecutive days, complete all treatment goals, maintain employment, and pay all fines and costs.