Failure to comply with the SORNA registration requirements in Pennsylvania can lead to very serious consequences.  Under the new Pennsylvania Megan’s law, now known as SORNA, a person convicted of an enumerated offense must register with the State Police.  This registration requires the individual to provide basic general information: social media websites, employment, vehicle information, residential information, etc.

The individual must provide register annually and must provide up to date information.  Additionally, any time that information changes, the individual is required to contact his local state police to update his registration information.  Not only is the registration requirement an imposition on the individual, but the registration also carries with it a mandatory sentence if the individual fails to register.

The mandatory sentence for an individual who fails to comply with registration faces a sentence of 2 or 3 years depending on the failure to comply for a first offense.  If an individual fails to comply for a second or subsequent time, the individual faces a mandatory sentence of 5 or 7 years, depending on the failure.

Therefore, if you have been convicted of a SORNA offense, it is important you speak to an experienced attorney who can advise you of the registration requirements, as well as the other numerous changes in the SORNA law arena.

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