The attorneys at the Kelly Law Firm are experienced when it comes to dealing with drug offenses.  When a case involves drug crimes, often times the alleged crime is a result of the police searching the accused, his home, belongings, or car.  In those cases, the Kelly Law Firm specialized in drafting and arguing suppression motions.  In a recent case, the Kelly Law Firm successfully argued for the suppression of over 94 grams of crack cocaine.

In that case, a Pennsylvania State Trooper pulled over our client for allegedly failing to overtake vehicles while driving in the left lane of traffic.  The trooper stopped the vehicle, questioned the driver, gave the defendant a warning for the alleged traffic violation, and subsequently searched the vehicle for contraband.  As a result of the search, the trooper found over 94 grams of crack cocaine in the steering column.

Matthew G. Vassil, of the Kelly Law Firm, filed a motion to suppress the drugs found during the search, on the grounds that the trooper performed an illegal traffic stop of the vehicle.  Mr. Vassil argued that the defendant did not violate any provisions of the traffic stop and, accordingly, should not have been pulled over in the first place.

The Court agreed.  In a lengthy opinion, the Court held that the defendant was, in fact, in compliance with all the provisions of the traffic code.  Therefore, the trooper lacked any reason to pull the defendant over in the first place.  Because the trooper could not have pulled the defendant over, the drugs that were found during the search were suppressed.  Subsequently, the case against the Kelly Law Firm’s client was Noelle processed.