Pennsylvania’s version of SORNA is much more strict than the previous version of Megan’s Law.  This strict law imposes additional registration requirements and harsher penalties for violating any of the registration requirements.  Therefore, it is important that those who are require to register are aware of these requirements and restrictions.

One common example is whether Pennsylvania’s version of SORNA imposes any sort of residency requirement, such as prohibiting anyone who must register from living near a school.  Pennsylvania’s current version does NOT impose any such residency requirement or restriction, however, other aspects of a person’s sentence may include a residency requirement or restriction.

For example, a person who has been convicted of a crime for which they must now register pursuant to SORNA may live wherever he chooses.  But, as a condition of his supervision while on parole or probation, the judge may impose residency requirements.  Furthermore, if a person is convicted of a SORNA offense, he may be refused federal housing on that ground alone.

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