In Pennsylvania, a person’s prior record score is based on his prior convictions and the offense gravity score of the crime with which he is charged.  The general rule for prior record score is that a felony is graded as one point and a misdemeanor is graded as 1/2 point.  Under Pennsylvania law, however, certain offenses carry multiple points and can be relevant if someone is convicted of a crime in the future.

Under the Pennsylvania Sentencing Code, four point offenses are: murder, attempted murder, solicitation for murder, or conspiracy to commit murder; all completed crimes of violence under 42 PA.C.S.A. 9714; murder of an unborn child; and offenses with an OGS 11 or greater for violations of the controlled substances act or ethnic intimidation for any felony of the first degree offenses.

Three points are added for each prior conviction or adjudication for the following offenses: felony 1 offenses not listed in the four point offenses, all inchoates (not completed crimes) listed in the four point offense category, conviction for PWID where the weight is 50 grams or greater.

Two point offenses: felony 2 convictions or adjudications not listed in 3 or 4 point categories and felony drug violations not listed in 3 point category,