In Pennsylvania, sentencing is largely based on a person’s prior record score and the offense gravity score (or how serious the legislature has deemed a particular crime).  In Pennsylvania, a person’s prior record score is based on the number of prior convictions that person has and the seriousness of those prior convictions.

In some cases, a person’s prior record may be to the extent they are classified under “REVOC” or as “RFEL.”  In these cases, a person can face a significant amount of jail time for fairly benign criminal charges.

REVOC stands for Repeat Violent Offender Category: a person who has two or more previous convictions or adjudications of four point offenses and whose current conviction carries an OGS of 9 or higher.

RFEL stands for Repeat Felony 1 and Felony 2 Offenders.  Offenders who have previous convictions or adjudications for Felony 1 and/or Felony 2 offenses with total 6 or more in the prior record, and who do not fall within the REVOC.