A bail bond is document whereby the defendant agrees that while at liberty after being released on bail he will appear at all subsequent court proceedings, as required, and comply with any and all the conditions of the bail bond.

At the time bail is set, the bail authority shall have the bail bond prepared and sign the bail bond verifying the conditions of the bail bond.  

If the defendant is unable to post bail at the time bail is set, when the bail authority commits the defendant to jail, he shall send the prepared and verified bail bond and any other necessary paperwork with the defendant to the place of incarceration.

When the defendant is going to be released, the defendant shall sign the bail bond.  The official who releases the defendant also shall sign the bail bond witnessing the defendant’s signature.

The bail bond shall set forth the type or combination of types of release, the conditions of release ordered by the bail authority, the conditions and consequences of failing to appear or failing to comply with all the conditions of the bail bond.

The defendant shall not be released until he signs the bail bond.