Under PA law, there are general conditions that are included in any case where a judge sets bail:

“In every case in which a defendant is released on bail, the conditions of the bail bond shall be that the defendant will appear at all times required until full and final disposition of the case, obey all further orders of the bail authority, give written notice to the bail authority the clerk of courts, the district attorney, and the court bail agency of any change of address within 48 hours of the date of the change, neither do nor cause to be done nor permit to be done any act pertaining to witness intimidation and refrain from any other type of criminal activity.  In addition to these general requirements, the defendant must comply with any other condition the court determines is reasonable given the circumstances: refrain from driving, relinquishing driver’s license, submit to random urine testing, participate in drug and alcohol evaluations, go to in-patient rehab facility, etc.

Failure to obey the conditions of bail may result in bail being revoked and incarceration.