Being accused of drug crimes is serious. For those who are faced with these types of charges, learning about their right to defend themselves can help them to decide how to handle their case. A recent indictment in Pennsylvania has resulted in 21 people facing charges for the part they allegedly played in a drug pipeline that ran from Philadelphia to Morgantown.

The indictment was handed down after more than a year’s worth of investigations. Of the 21 people named in the indictment, 13 have been arrested. They are accused of running oxycodone and heroin between these two cities. After these arrests, a U.S. attorney said that a significant dent has been put in the narcotics trade in this area.

The 21 people named in the 65-count indictment all face federal drug charges. They are accused of transporting large amounts of drugs for redistribution. The defendants range in age from 21 up to 45, with one defendant’s identity not yet known. Federal, state and local authorities cooperated in this investigation.

These defendants face serious charges. According to the U.S. attorney, some of the people who were arrested have significant criminal histories. This could mean that they are facing very lengthy incarcerations and other consequences. For that reason, these defendants should make sure that they have a solid defense against the charges.

Those who are facing charges has the right to learn everything they can about the case against them. From there, they can decide how to move forward with their defense. Seeking the assistance of someone familiar with drug cases can help defendants decide how to proceed.

Source: WDTV, “Philadelphia to Morgantown Drug Pipeline Disrupted by Federal Indictment” Alex Wiederspiel, Nov. 21, 2014