The state of Pennsylvania tends to be aggressive in its investigation and prosecution in drug situations, and the related penalties are a significant source of revenue. Conviction of drug crimes can result in serious penalties including jail time, fines, and an impact on your reputation. Your ability to work may be hindered due to these penalties, potentially leading to job loss and economic consequences beyond that of the fines.

As you consider mounting your defense against drug charges, it may be important to consider finding a lawyer who has insight into both sides of such issues. An understanding of the meticulous investigative methods used in identifying those who may be involved in drug activities may be helpful in pinpointing errors or areas in which the prosecution’s case may be weak or inaccurate.

Actions such as controlled buys and the use of confidential informants can be an important element of the investigation work completed in identifying potential drug offenders and gathering evidence against them. Wiretaps and roving wiretaps may play a role in these cases as well, but the laws related to these can be intricate. This makes it important to work with a lawyer who understands the laws and who knows the restrictions in use of such techniques. In dealing with some cases, it may be possible to have charges dismissed due to illegal actions by officials that may have infringed on the civil rights of a defendant.

Because every situation is unique, experienced representation is important for assessing the strength of the prosecution’s case and in formulating a defense strategy. You can learn more about these issues by reading our drug crimes page.

Source: The Kelly Law Firm, “West Chester Drug Offence Lawyers“, December 10, 2014