On Dec. 15, a Pennsylvania man who was shot by police in November stated that he fully cooperated with the authorities after he was allegedly caught selling drugs. Authorities reportedly shot the man after he was accused of attempting to flee the police following a controlled drug sale.

The police stated that the accused man sold a certain amount of crack cocaine to an informant. As he attempted to leave the parking lot in his vehicle, authorities stated that they moved in and ordered the man to stop. Both the accused man and another occupant in the vehicle reportedly put their hands up. However, the man then attempted to flee from the scene while in reverse. The police stated that they closed in again, but an officer fired three shots after the man allegedly put the gear into drive in order to attempt to run the officers over. He was charged with drug trafficking, aggravated assault and fleeing from the police.

During his interview, the accused man told a different story. He stated that, after making the transaction, he was starting to drive away when he heard someone yell at him to stop. He then stopped the vehicle and put his hands into the air. He claimed that the authorities then fired three bullets at him, one of which struck him through the shoulder blade. He reportedly suffered serious injuries to his stomach, intestines and liver.

Even though a person may be accused of drug possession or drug trafficking, the authorities must follow certain procedures or the case against the accused person may be dismissed. For example, if a person was shot during a potential drug bust and there is evidence that the shooting was not justified, a defense attorney may argue that the authorities did not follow proper procedures when taking the person into custody.

Source: Penn LIve, “Pa. man shot by cops says he was selling drugs to buy Christmas gifts“, John Luciew, December 15, 2014