Police say that they discovered four people cooking meth in a home on Clark Street in Brookville on Dec. 23. They were responding to a call when they discovered the meth lab on the property. In addition to those allegedly cooking the meth, police say that there were two children under the age of five in the home.

One of the people inside of the home was transported to Jefferson County Jail due to warrants in two other counties, and he was not charged in the meth incident. Authorities were not releasing the names or identities of anyone involved in the case.

Drug charges may carry severe penalties for those who are convicted. It may be possible to spend many years in prison in addition to other penalties such as a fine or probation. Those who are facing drug charges may talk to a criminal defense attorney who might be able to formulate a defense to those charges.

A successful defense might allow a defendant to have charges dismissed or lowered in a case. This may be done by either negotiating a plea agreement, having charges dropped or winning an acquittal after a trial. A plea agreement is open to anyone regardless of their charges. A case may be dismissed if there is insufficient evidence or if evidence is ordered sealed from the jury. If a jury decides that the case against an individual is not strong enough, it may result in an individual going free without fear of future criminal penalties.

Source: WeAreCentralPA.com, “Police, Drug Task Force Find Meth Lab”, Ashley Doerzbacher, December 30, 2014