According to police, 32 individuals are facing charges in Pennsylvania in connection with a Colombian drug ring. Local officials were informed in January 2014 of a possible connection between heroin trafficking in Montgomery County and in Medellin, Colombia, by agents with the Drug Enforcement Agency. The evidence of the connection was allegedly discovered during a wiretap investigation.

Two individuals were taken into custody on Jan. 24 on suspicion of drug crimes. Afterward, officials conducted multiple search warrants of properties and individuals that were reportedly connected with the drug ring. Officers discovered cash, drug paraphernalia, five vehicles reportedly used to transport drugs, 20 ounces of cocaine and 12.5 ounces of methamphetamine. In addition, 30 more individuals were taken into custody.

An individual who is convicted of serious drug offenses such as drug trafficking or possession with the intent to distribute may serve many years in prison, pay fines and spend multiple years on probation. In addition, individuals with criminal records often struggle to find gainful employment, educational opportunities and housing.

A Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney may take a careful look at a defendant’s case to determine the best possible approach. For instance, cases that involve several defendants may present opportunities to negotiate for a favorable plea agreement. If a defendant has information that may help the prosecutor’s case, he or she may be willing to reduce the charges or the amount of time served in exchange for the defendant’s knowledge. If the plea bargain is not advantageous for the defendant, or the individual does not wish to accept the terms, the case may proceed to trial.

Source:, “32 face charges in Pennsylvania bust connected to Colombian drug ring,” David Chang, Feb. 26, 2015