According to the Pennsylvania State Police, a 21-year-old male college student was accused of selling drug on April 30. The student was reportedly taken into custody following a month-long investigation into what was thought to be illegal activities.

The man was taken into custody following the execution of a search warrant at his Schreiber Quadrangle campus residence. Authorities stated that they seized 30 pills that were thought to be Xanax and a white powder in addition to materials that may potentially be associated with drug packaging and drug sales. The white powder was reportedly sent to a testing facility in Harrisburg, but the results were not known. At the time the news of the incident was released, the man was facing multiple drug-related charges including possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia, though he may face further charges.

Those who were accused of drug crimes often face serious consequences. Depending on a number of factors, which can include the amount of drugs allegedly recovered and whether or not the accused person has prior convictions, the accused person could potentially face a lengthy prison sentence, expensive fines and probation.

There are several defense strategies that a criminal law attorney may utilize to either reduce the severity of the potential consequences or assist with fighting the accusations. In most cases, the attorney may gather evidence to show that the drugs did not belong to the accused person. Otherwise, they may also demonstrate that the authorities violated the accused person’s rights during the execution of the search warrant or while taking the person into custody. If this is successful, the case against the accused person may be dropped.

Source: FOX 43, “Elizabethtown College student charged with selling illegal drugs on campus,” Howard Sheppard, May 1, 2015