Several people are facing felony drug charges in Pennsylvania following a four-month series of investigations that shut down a heroin operation in the small community of Dillsburg in York County. On June 29, media sources reported that 11 people were taken into custody in the collaborative effort, which involved the Carroll Township Police Department, the York County Drug Task Force, the Cumberland County Drug Task Force and Pennsylvania State Police. Over 1,600 bags of heroin were seized during the operation.

According to the York County Chief Deputy Prosecutor, some of the alleged drug dealers were local to the area, but others came from as far away as Philadelphia to take advantage of the rural atmosphere that surrounds the small borough. Information included in a news release issued by Carroll Township police indicates that at least one 26-year-old man relocated to Monaghan Township in 2014 in order to reduce his exposure to both law enforcement officials and the dangers that are often associated with illegal drug distribution in urban areas.

Investigations were initiated in early 2015 after complaints regarding possible drug activity in Carroll Township were received by police. The arrests cited in the news release took place between Jan. 31, 2015 and April 16, 2015.

Penalties for drug-related convictions in Pennsylvania are often severe. Individuals who find themselves under investigation or facing charges for drug trafficking may find it advisable to seek the assistance of a criminal defense attorney who has experience in these types of matters. After a review of the circumstances surrounding the investigation and resulting search and seizure, the attorney may be able to pinpoint problems in the prosecutor’s case and perhaps negotiate a more favorable plea arrangement.

Source: FOX 43, “Police: drug bust in York County symbolic of heroin epidemic,” Melissa Nardo, June 29, 2015