File Sharing is the process of allowing access to digital media, e-books, songs, pictures, videos etc to other people on the internet. Access to these types of items can be achieved through several different methods.

One of the most well known file sharing methods is known as Peer to Peer P2P file sharing. This occurred through services such as Napster and Spotify where various songs owned by a user could be shared with other people on the internet. P2P networks like these can also be used to share images such as Child Pornography. If you are sharing images or videos of Child Pornography through P2P or other methods you could be facing state or federal felony charges for the distribution or dissemination of Child Pornography regardless of whether you intended to disseminate the pornographic videos or pictures.

Even an accidental download of Child Pornography can result in either agents from the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office or FBI coming to your door with a search warrant to search and seize your computers and internet accessible devices.

If you believe that you have downloaded, shared or disseminated any type of Child Pornography contact an experienced Child Pornography Criminal Defense Attorney immediately.