At the Kelly Law Firm we are experts in Defending Internet Sex Crimes Cases.  Pennsylvania citizens who believe that they are innocently searching the internet can be charged with and end up defending against internet sex crimes cases if they accidently go on the wrong web site. For instance, by clicking and downloading a file from a website that you are not familiar with, you could be setting yourself up for a child pornography charge. Unscrupulous individuals place illegal child pornography in zip files associated with websites that appear to contain only legal adult pornography. When these files are downloaded, law enforcement might take notice and come knocking on your door with a search warrant.  So when you are searching for things on the internet, play it safe and do not download files from unfamiliar websites.  Read more about Internet Sex Crimes and the lawyers who specialize in Defending Internet sex crimes cases.

Unfortunately, there is a stigma for individuals who are charged with a sex crime or child pornography crime. Frequently these cases are highly publicized and the accused are persecuted by the press and presumed to be guilty by the public. In addition to the unfair attacks from the press and public, the penalties associated with internet sex crime cases are frequently draconian. Internet sex crimes can be graded as felonies of the first degree and are punishable by up to twenty years in prison. Even child pornography charges are graded as felonies of the third degree and punishable by a maximum of seven years in prison and a fifteen thousand dollar fine.  Defending against Child Pornography charges

At the Kelly Law Firm we are highly experienced former prosecutors who are very familiar with defending internet sex crime cases. . In addition to the need for discreetness in combating allegations from the government, we are very adept in understanding what the government is required to prove and how best to defend against these types of allegations. If you are faced with a sex crime charge or internet sex charge, consider hiring the seasoned and aggressive defense attorneys at the Kelly Law Firm.