Police in Pennsylvania have reported that a 61-year-old Spring Township man was taken into custody on Aug. 28 in connection with an investigation into the sale of synthetic marijuana in Berks County. Detectives say that they took the man into custody after an undercover narcotics buy in a Spring Township shopping mall parking lot. The man is alleged to have used his food, candy and tobacco distribution business to supply area convenience stores with the synthetic drug.

According to prosecutors, police began to search for the distributor of K-2 synthetic marijuana after a number of Reading convenience store owners were charged with selling small quantities of the drug. Detectives working undercover say that they identified the man and purchased K-2 from him on a number of occasions. The man is said to have been taken into custody after one such undercover purchase. Police say that the man sold them 800 bags of K-2.

After taking the man into custody, police obtained a warrant to search his Spring Township residence. Police claim to have recovered drug paraphernalia, 200 packets of K-2 and $6,000 in cash during the subsequent search. The man is facing charges including possession of synthetic marijuana, possession with the intent to distribute synthetic marijuana and selling synthetic marijuana. Police say that their investigation is ongoing, and they hope to identify the parties who supplied the man.

Individuals facing drug charges may wish to consult with a criminal defense attorney before speaking with police officers even when the evidence against them seems compelling. Police often hope to use information obtained from those charged with minor drug offenses to pursue cases against drug dealers, distributors and traffickers. This information is often of great value to law enforcement, and a criminal defense attorney could seek to have drug possession charges reduced or dismissed in return for it.

Source: WFMZ, “Spring Township man arrested for K-2 distribution”, Jennifer Joas, Aug. 28, 2015