Many people wonder what to do if they are charged with Sex Crimes.   Sex Crimes are some of the most serious charges that you can face in the Pennsylvania criminal justice system. Sex Crimes can range from charges such as Rape which are punishable by up to 20 years in prison to Indecent Assault which is punishable by two years in prison. If you have been charged or are being investigated for a Sex Crime in Pennsylvania, make sure to hire and experienced Sex Crime attorney whom will be able to advise you throughout your case.  Read about Sex Crimes Lawyers here

There are several things that an individual charged with a Sex Crime should do:

First, hire an experienced Sex Crime attorney immediately. When meeting with lawyers, make sure that the lawyer you choose has handled serious Sex Crimes cases before.  CYS Investigations involving Sex Crimes

Second, don’t speak to anyone about your case. Don’t speak to relatives, friends and certainly not the alleged victim ii your case or her family.

Third, hire a competent criminal investigator who can immediately contact possible witnesses who will speak about the case. Sex Crime cases are frequently decided by the presence or absence or corroborating evidence which supports the alleged victim’s story. An experienced criminal investigator will know what witnesses to contact and whether any evidence can be found.

Fourth, carefully evidence the DNA and forensic evidence collected by law enforcement from the scene. One of the main things that the prosecution must frequently prove in Sex Crime cases is that there was some sort of sexual interaction between the alleged victim and the Defendant. The presence or absence of sperm, seminal fluid, etc. can make or break the government’s case.

Finally, consider hiring your own expert to analyze the evidence. Don’t accept the theory of the government’s expert witness when they hypothesize what the forensic evidence found at the scene or on the alleged victim means. Make sure to hire your own expert who can give his or her theory of the evidence.