Being falsely accused of sex crimes can be a very scary situation. Even just the mere accusation of a sex crime can be life altering. It can change the way that your friends and neighbors view you and how you might be portrayed on the internet and in the newspaper. A conviction of a sex crime is obviously much worse than the mere accusation of a sex crime. Almost all sex crimes in Pennsylvania are graded as felonies and can call for anywhere from seven to twenty years in state prison. In addition, a conviction for a Pennsylvania sex crime almost always requires that the Defendant be subject to the requirements of Megan’s Law and register as a Sex Offender. Sex Crimes Lawyer  If you have been falsely accused of a sex crime, contact an experienced Sex Crime Lawyer today.

At the Kelly Law firm, our attorneys are well versed and experienced when it comes to representing individuals falsely accused of committing a sex crime. Our experienced Sex Crime attorneys can advise you immediately on whether or not you should  read about Sex Crimes charges

  • Agree to speak and meet with the police
  • Consent to undergoing a lie detector test.
  • Consent to a DNA test and surrendering your saliva or hair samples to the police.
  • Speak with the alleged victim if he or she was to try and contact you on the phone or via text message
  • Make a statement to the press
  • Hire or employ your own investigator to work on the case.
  • Inform your employer about the accusation.
  • Alter your life and/or habits in terms of who you eat with, meet with etc.

Because our Sex Crime lawyers have represented many individuals falsely accused of a sex crime, we can bring our wealth of experience and knowledge to your defense. Don’t take on the police by yourself. Hire an experienced Sex Crimes lawyer today.