Sex Crimes attorneys specialize in sex crimes.  If you are charged or being investigated with a sex crime, make sure that you retain an experienced and competent attorney and/or law firm to represent you. A conviction of a sex crime can be debilitating. Besides scaring your reputation and name in your community, Read about SORNA  it can also require that you get listed as a sexual offender and comply with the requirements of Megan’s Law.

At the Kelly Law Firm we have a vast amount of experience in representing individuals being investigated and charged with sex crimes. Sex Crime Lawyers  We know the toll that these types of accusations can take on not only you but also your family. Besides the media coverage involved in many of these cases, there is also scrutiny applied from family friends and co-workers. The experienced sex crimes lawyers at the Kelly Law Firm can help you navigate through all of these challenges.

If you are charged with a sex crime, one of the most important things that you can do is hire an experienced sex crime lawyer who will be aggressive with your case. A sex crime attorney whom will immediately employ an investigator to actively investigate the charges or accusations against you. All available witnesses should be interviewed as quickly as possible. Where possible pictures of the scene should be taken and various applicable phone records should be subpoenaed and preserved.

At the Kelly Law Firm, our sex crime lawyers realize that the best way to obtain a good result in a case is to be aggressive with it. It is imperative that you consult with competent sex crime attorneys before making such decisions like speaking with the police or other law enforcement agencies, submitting to lie detector tests and consenting to let the police swab you for your DNA. Contact an experienced sex crime attorney today.