Drug crimes are not just serious charges which can call for extended periods in prison, but they can also take a huge toll on the soul in the form of addiction. Frequently, individuals who are charged with drug crimes such as heroine or prescription drugs are not just casual users of the drugs, but addicts. As an attorney, handling cases such as these is very different than handling the typical criminal case. Defending Drug Crimes  The reason is that the client and typically the client’s family is looking for solace from the battle against addiction. As an accused or a loved one accused, there are several things that you should keep in mind when searching for an experienced criminal defense attorney to handle the drug case of an individual fighting addiction.

First, make sure to hire an attorney who is not only concerned about getting the best legal result in the case, but also the best result for the addict in the long run. Drug Crime lawyers  It doesn’t help anyone if the criminal charges get dismissed, but the addict is still battling his addiction and will likely reoffend.

Second, make sure to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney who has knowledge of the various types of Drug Courts and Recovery Courts available to addicts. Frequently, addicts charged with drug possession charges or other crimes directly related to their addiction will have the option to be involved in various programs that will try and help the underlying drug addiction. Frequently, programs such as Drug Court will also offer the opportunity for the accused to have his or her criminal record expunged if they comply with all conditions while on the program.

Finally, try and here an experienced criminal lawyer who is familiar with Drug and alcohol rehabs and recovery in general. If your attorney is familiar with recovery and the pitfalls of addiction, there is a greater chance you won’t have to hire him a second time.