Sexting is a topic which has been in the news quite a bit recently. In particularly, Three Tredyffrin/Easttown district middle school students are facing charges of Sexting inappropriate pictures of their classmates all of whom are under 18 years of age. The three young men were charged in Chester County juvenile court with various crimes involving the possession and Sexting of inappropriate pictures of minors. read more about these cases here  The intriguing issue in the case is that some of the students did not possess actual naked photos of their classmates, but instead imposed pictures of some of their classmates faces on naked bodies that they found on the internet and texted these pictures to some of their friends.

The advent of smart phones and texting have brought with them a wave of nightmares for parents of young middle school and high school students. Young students typically aren’t aware that their conduct in cases such as this might be considered criminal by various law enforcement agencies. Today, young people frequently text pictures of themselves to each other and these pictures are occasionally inappropriate. If you believe that your son and daughter have obtained inappropriate pictures of other minors make sure to contact an experienced Criminal Sex Offense Lawyer immediately.

Under Pennsylvania law, every explicit picture that a minor has on their cell phone of another minor would constitute one count of possession of child pornography if the minor in the picture is involved in a sex act.  Read more about Child Pornography charges here Additionally, if the minor forwards the explicit image to another person, they would arguably be guilty of not only possession of child pornography, but also of the dissemination of child pornography. If your son or daughter is being investigated for a crime related to pictures found on their cell phone, contact an experienced Sex Crimes Attorney immediately. Your child future could depend upon it.