Anyone who is in tune with popular culture or follows the news knows that comedian Bill Cosby’s life has become anything but funny recently. Various women have accused the once revered celebrity of committing sex crimes against them. Many of those allegations haven’t gotten beyond accusations and into criminal court because of statutes of limitations. 

There is an exception to that reality here in Pennsylvania, however. One woman’s claim of rape has escalated to criminal charges against Cosby. According to the criminal case, the alleged violent crime took place about 12 years ago. The indictment came just in time, before the state’s 12-year statute of limitations for rape cases would have taken effect. 

Cosby and his legal team are fighting the charges in court. All eyes are on this case because of the celebrity at the center of the extreme allegations. The woman in the Pennsylvania case accuses Cosby of giving her pills and alcohol before sexually violating her. She claims she was unable to fight off any of his advances during the event because of her impairment. 

This specific criminal case sounds like most of the other women’s accusations against Cosby. Those other women, as well as the country, are intently watching this criminal case unfold. The other accusers look forward to Cosby seeing his day in court. The rest of the world has a hard time looking away from such a high-profile case. 

No matter who a defendant is and no matter the accusations before him, he deserves a fair trial. He deserves to present an aggressive defense against the severe allegations that threaten his freedom, reputation and career.