Sex Crimes can be very serious charges in the state of Pennsylvania. One thought that occasionally crosses the minds of individuals either being investigated for or charged with Sex Crimes, is whether or not running from the police is a good idea.  Sex Crimes and Cosby In this blog we will explore the many reasons why an accused or a suspect in a sex crimes case should not run from the police.

Even though most of the sex crimes that an individual can be charged with in Pennsylvania are felonies ranging from maximum penalties of 7 to 20 years in state prison, it is almost never a good idea t run or abscond from the police. The reasons not to run from the police or the jurisdiction that you are being investigated in are numerous:

First, you appear to be guilty if you run from the police. In fact running from the police is generally accepted under Pennsylvania law as consciousness of guilt. Imagine having to take the stand in your own defense at trial and trying to explain to the police why an innocent man would rather run from the police than confront the charges on his own.  Sex Crimes attorneys

Second, running from the police will almost certainly result in you having a higher bail. One of the major factors that a Judge or District Justice uses in assessing a fair bail is analyzing whether the accused is a fight risk.

Finally, fleeing from the police enables the media to write articles discussing and opining on why an accused would run from the police. These are all articles that prospective jurors might read.

The main point to keep in mind is that you should consult with an experienced and aggressive Sex Crimes attorney if you are being investigated for a crime. Not only can experienced Sex Crimes attorneys counsel you on the correct decisions to make, they can also tell you what the possible and various worst case scenarios might be.