Whether you have been arrested or not, if you are facing charges for a federal crime you may be considering admitting fault in order to strike a plea deal and reduce the severity of the punishment phase. However, what you must take into account is that it isn’t likely anyone you are dealing with is on your side and speaking with investigators and prosecutors will not likely help matters for you and may solidify the charges against you, thereby burying you in court.

Do not waive your right to an attorney and do not go with a court appointed attorney. By doing so, you are not acknowledging the complexity and severity of federal charges and laws. You need help familiar with the prosecution’s tactics and the lasting harm that can be done by one incorrectly taken statement. Don’t let your words be your undoing and don’t let the prosecution take what you say and use it against you in an entirely different context.

The Kelly Law Firm is prepared to review your evidence and the sooner they are brought onto your case, the more they can do. If you have not had your case brought to the pre-arrest stage in front of a grand jury, you may still be able to completely avoid indictment and may never be arrested. If you have been arrested, keep silent and let The Kelly Law Firm talk for you.

Keep in mind that any punishment, no matter how light or severe can leave lasting consequences on your image and your career. Sit down with a West Chester federal criminal defense attorney and avoid letting your inexperience dictate your outcome against federal prosecutors.