A lot of Pennsylvania drivers will be so worried about the criminal consequences associated a potential DUI conviction that they forget about the financial costs of a conviction. Indeed, a DUI can be extremely expensive even if an individual is not convicted of the crime. For financial reasons alone, drivers accused of DUI may want to contract the services of an experienced DUI defense lawyer to defend them against the allegations.

The list of potential costs associated with DUI is exhaustive. Traffic fines could range from $300 to $10,000 based on blood alcohol content figures and the number of traffic offenses the accused person has been charged with. Towing fees will be $50 plus mileage. Impound fees could range from $75 to $175 daily. Alcohol evaluations cost from $35 to $100. Accelerated rehabilitative dispositions (also called ARD) cost from $100 to $1,800. Education and treatment associated with a DUI cost from $100 to over $1,000. Restoration of a drivers’ license costs $25 for a non-commercial license and $75 for a commercial one. Drivers will also get hit with insurance premium increases amounting to approximately $1,000 annually.

In addition to financial costs, DUI drivers should remember the social setbacks they experience. Many convicted of DUI will face rejection and judgment by family members and friends. They could also experience the loss of their jobs and trouble getting a job.

It is plain to see that DUI allegations are not just about losing the privilege of driving or the threat of going to jail. There are extensive financial costs associated with a DUI conviction, so individuals accused of this crime may want to consider a well-organized defense against the allegations from a financial viewpoint alone.

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