Attempted Murder is a very serious violent crimes charge in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. A charge of Attempted Murder means that the police believe that the accused was trying to murder another individual. Other than the charge of Murder, Attempted Murder is probably the most serious type of Violent Crime that a criminal defendant can face. read more about Murder  You should strongly consider consulting with a Violent Crimes attorney, if you are being investigated for or have been charged with the crime of Attempted Murder.

The criminal charge of Attempted Murder means that the government is accusing a criminal defendant of attempting to kill another person. The government must prove that the accused had the intent to kill another individual when he tried to commit the murder. Voluntary Manslaughter  Accordingly, a person may only be convicted for the crime of attempted murder if the government can prove that the accused possessed the intent to kill when he acted.

Attempt is defined in depth under Title 18 section 901 of the Pennsylvania Crimes Code. Specifically, a person commits an attempt when, with intent to commit a specific crime, (such as in this discussion Homicide) the Defendant does any act which constitutes a substantial step toward the commission of that crime. An example of this in the context of murder can occur when a criminal defendant shoots at someone with a gun in an effort to kill them. Section 901 of the crimes code in dealing with the definition of Attempt goes on to state that, it shall not be a defense to a charge of attempt (such as homicide) that it would have been impossible for the accused to commit the crime attempted. An example of this would occur if an individual attempted to shoot a man with an unloaded gun which he truly believed was loaded when he pulled the trigger.