Facing criminal charges of any type can affect your life. When those charges are federal charges, you are likely facing a very difficult battle. Federal prosecutors have experience and resources that make them formidable opponents in the courtroom. We know that you might be very concerned about the outcome of your case.

When we work on federal criminal cases, we look into all possible outcomes of your case. We know that the vast majority of federal criminal cases result in convictions, so we work to keep the penalties to a minimum in the event you are convicted. It is crucial that you take appropriate steps each step of the way to do this.

You should remember that even in a federal criminal justice case, you have rights. Those rights must be respected. For example, your right to have an attorney present when you are questioned stands firm in these cases. If you opt to invoke your right to an attorney, you are letting the law enforcement officers know that you are standing up for your rights. They will then have to respect those rights from that point on.

We can stand by your side as you are questioned and throughout each proceeding that you have to go through for your case. Don’t put off getting your defense going because you assume that you are going to get off of the charges. Instead, take the time to build your defense so that if your case does go to trial, you aren’t scrambling at the last minute to throw a defense together.