People often take medications or do drugs without ever thinking about how that decision could impact their ability to drive safely. The fact of the matter is that drugs, including medications that are legal, can impair you. If you are caught driving while you are impaired, you could face criminal charges for driving under the influence of drugs. This is akin to drunk driving charges.

How easy is it to prove drugged driving?

The issue with facing drugged driving charges is that these charges can be very complicated. This is because it is often difficult to determine what type of drug caused the impairment. In some cases, such as when marijuana is the drug that was used, positive blood tests are possible even when the impairment has abated. Cases for drugged driving might hinge on field sobriety tests and similar evidence.

What kinds of drugs can lead to drugged driving?

Any drug that impairs your cognitive abilities can lead to drugged driving charges. This includes illegal drugs like methamphetamines, over-the-counter drugs like antihistamines that cause drowsiness, or prescription drugs like narcotics. Even if your doctor prescribed you the medications, there is still a chance that you can face criminal charges if you are driving while you are under the influence of those drugs.

If you are facing charges for drugged driving, you need to explore your options for a defense. This can sometimes include trying to find ways to fight against complex factors. Looking into each point that the prosecution is making can help you determine what defense options you will use.

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