Theft charges come in a variety of types. Just last week, we discussed shoplifting and the troubles that come along with it. Other types of theft charges, such as burglary, are also possible. When it comes to thefts, the circumstances of the event determine what charges will be levied against the defendant.

We know that you might not be ready to have to answer to the charges you are facing. The criminal justice system can move rather swiftly, or at least seem that way, when you are facing charges. Don’t let time slip away from you without getting your defense moving in the right direction. We can help you to learn the options that you have.

Many criminal cases are resolved before they get to trial. If you are willing to think about accepting a plea deal or alternative sentence that will help you avoid the possibility of a trial, we can help you find out what is available. Of course, this likely isn’t going to be an option you want to consider if you are innocent; however, it might be an option to think about if you think the prosecution’s evidence might lead to a conviction.

One thing that you have to think about when you face theft charges is how a conviction might affect you long after you complete your sentence. The entry on your criminal record could mean that you have trouble finding housing to rent or a job. Think about this and other aspects of what is going on with your case as you make decisions about what you want to do for your defense.