When a human loses his or her life at the hands of another human, calls for justice are often made. Some people don’t wait to hear the circumstances of the homicide. Instead, they automatically call for criminal charges to be made. There are some cases in which criminal charges might not be appropriate; however, these charges might sometimes be placed against a person. If you are facing charges for murder or manslaughter, you need to work on your defense immediately.

In the case of murder and manslaughter, there are some very specific points that must be present in order for a defendant to be convicted of a specific crime. This means that what would qualify as an involuntary manslaughter wouldn’t necessarily qualify as a first-degree murder. Looking into the specific points that must be present for each charge is a good place to start in these cases.

As we go through the prosecution’s case against you, we will try to find points that don’t meet the criteria set for the crime with which you are charged. This can sometimes help us to get charges changed to a lesser charge or to have a case tossed out. In some cases, this information can be used to work out a plea agreement.

In cases involving the loss of a human’s life, the emotions surrounding the case are often high. Instead of focusing on the emotional aspect of the situation, we can help you to focus on the practical aspects of the situation so that you can carefully think about the options that are present for your defense and how each might affect you.