Drunk driving charges have long-lasting effects. These effects aren’t necessarily going to end when you successfully complete your court-ordered sentence. The long-term effects include social effects that can make your life very difficult. You have to deal with this on top of the criminal penalties that you have to face.

Your reputation might be affected by the charge. In this case, you might not even need to have a conviction to suffer from the effects. People in society typically won’t wait on a conviction before they think negative thoughts. They might hear that you got a drunk driving charge and automatically think negatively of you.

Part of your reputation being affected might overflow into your professional or work life. People might not want you to deal with them simply because you were charged with drunk driving. If you are required to drive as part of your job, you might not be able to do that either.

The effects of the DUI charge can be more complicated if you are facing aggravated charges. For example, you might be charged with child endangerment if you are accused of driving drunk with a child in the car. Other situations might also lead to other charges, including vehicular manslaughter or felony charges.

Ultimately, you have to think about how you are going to answer these charges. The goal of your defense might not be a not guilty verdict. It might be to minimize the effects of the charge and conviction. Learning the options you have for dealing with a DUI in Pennsylvania can help you to determine what you are going to do.

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