Although there is no crime called cyberbullying in the realm of Criminal Defense, there are several specific crimes in the Pennsylvania Crimes Code which are used by law enforcement to combat allegations of cyberbullying. Assault Crimes  Cyberbullying in the realm of Criminal Defense essentially is the term used when either adults or juveniles are bullying someone of the internet. Examples of cyberbullying typically occur on facebook, Instagram or snapchat. Both law enforcement and schools have become more aggressive in combating allegations of cyberbullying by instituting policies to deal with any instance of alleged bullying. The main questions raised in this blog are when is cyberbullying a crime in the realm of Criminal Defense.

If you believe that you or your son or daughter are either a victim of cyberbullying or are being investigated or have been charged with a crime related to cyberbullying, then you should contact an experienced cyberbullying attorney immediately. Additionally, although there is no specific crime called cyberbullying in the Pennsylvania Crimes Code, instances of such conduct are frequently prosecuted under the harassment and stalking statutes as part of Criminal Defense. Harassment can be found in section 2709 of the PA Crimes Code and crime of stalking can be found in section 2709.1 of the crimes code. In order for an accused to be found guilty of harassment the government has to first prove that an accused possessed the intent to harass or alarm another person when they were harassing them on the internet. Loitering & Prowling Accordingly, the government must prove that the defendant contacted the alleged victim on the internet for sinister purposes and not simply as a joke. The crime of stalking is very similar to harassment except in order for an accused to be found guilty of stalking, the government has to prove that the bullying behavior or emails or posts happened more than once. Harassment and stalking can be a serious crime and is typically a misdemeanor or a summary.