We recently discussed how having a defense attorney can help you when you want to work out a plea deal in your criminal justice case. This is only one of the ways that having a lawyer can help you out in these cases. We know that you might have questions about what your charges mean and what you can do to fight them. We can help you answer these and more.

A defense attorney can help you ensure that your rights are protected when you are dealing with the occurrences in the criminal justice system. From the questioning that you might face through the sentencing phase of a jury trial, we are here to protect your interests.

One thing that you must remember is that your defense can’t be based on lies, especially if you are going to testify. We can work with you to determine how to present your defense in a truthful way that represents your side of the story.

Another thing to remember is that the prosecution has the burden of proof. You only have to make jurors question what the prosecution claims happened. We can help you decide what points to focus on so that you can start working on your defense.

We can also help you if you’re interested in avoiding a trial. In this case, we will find out if the prosecution is willing to work on a plea agreement. We can then find out what they are willing to offer so that you can let us know if you accept the offer or if you want to counter with something else.