We recently discussed how trying to show off your artwork by painting objects that don’t belong to you can lead to criminal charges. Vandalism is a wide-reaching charge that can apply in many cases. The one thing that is certain when you are facing these charges is that you will need to find out what options you have for your defense.

Any property crime charge is likely going to involve some evidence that ties you to the scene. This is one of the points that we have to consider when we are trying to determine what we can do as part of your defense. In some cases, this evidence is the biggest component of the prosecution’s case.

We understand that you might want to know more about the options that you have in your case. We can explore these with you, including the possibility of a plea deal. As we go over each one, don’t focus on what is going to get your case over with as quickly as possible. Instead, you should focus on how this is going to impact your future.

In all criminal justice cases, you need to think about things as they pertain to your case. You can’t try to force a defense to work in your case just because it worked for someone else. All criminal justice cases have unique elements that have to be factored into the defense plan. We can take these into consideration as we try to determine what options you might have. Once we go over these with you, making a decision about the direction of the defense is necessary.