School disciplinary hearings are very serious matters.  If you are a college student accused or convicted of a college crime while attending a Pennsylvania university such as Villanova University, West Chester University or even Penn State University, you will almost certainly be subject to sanctions in addition to those levied by the government.  date rape Specifically, any college student accused or convicted of a crime is almost certainly subject to a school disciplinary hearing. These school disciplinary hearings occur in order for the university to decide what the appropriate school penalty should be in addition to the penalty enforced by the prosecution ot the court in a criminal case. A student that is subject to a school disciplinary hearing is afforded certain rights, almost all of which are located in a university’s student handbook. The decisions that the panel members make at these school disciplinary hearings are subject to judicial review.

One such case dealing with a school disciplinary hearing and a college crime involves a Penn State University pre-med student accused of raping or sexual assaulting another Penn State student. furnishing alcohol In that case the U.S. District Judge Matthew W. Brann of the Middle District of Pennsylvania granted an injunction for the student and halted Penn State University’s sanctions prohibiting the accused from registering for new classes. In the case an alleged victim reported that the accused had kissed and touched her against her will. The accused contested this set of facts. During the disciplinary hearing, the accused was not permitted to ask certain questions of the accused at the hearing. The Federal Judge found on appeal that Penn State’s failure to ask the questions submitted by the accused may contribute to a violation of his right to due process as a ‘significant and unfair deviation’ from its procedures.” Accordingly, make sure that you contact an experienced school discipline attorney if you are facing a school disciplinary hearing at your university.