One issue that can arise in the arena of Criminal Defense is the issue of Extradition. Extradition refers to the process where a criminal defendant is arrested in one state for open charges and/or an open warrant in another state. The way extradition issues typically come about is an individual is pulled over for a traffic violation or any other issue in the state where he typically resides. arrest warrants The police ask the individual for his identification, run him in their database and discover that there is a warrant for his arrest out of another state. The warrant can be for many different things such as:

An open criminal charge

Or a violation of probation or parole

Regardless of the reasons, the officer is typically required to take the individual into custody and hold him until he receives word back about whether that state with the open warrant wants to extradite or begin extradition proceedings against the individual being held in custody.  the Castle Doctrine At this point, the District Attorney’s Office typically gets involved in the case and makes a decision about whether or not the state with the warrant wishes to pay the fees to transport the defendant with the warrant back to his home state. Typically the prosecutor will be more likely to elect to have the defendant extradited back in criminal defense cases if the crime is a felony. If the state does wish to extradite, the accused will be placed in prison and typically afforded bail which he may or may not be able to post. If the accused does post, he is required to proceed to the former state with the warrant in order to deal with the charges.

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