There is one thing that all adults who drink alcohol should do right now — take a few moments to learn what the laws in Pennsylvania say about drunk driving. You shouldn’t think that these charges are minor nuisances. Instead, you have to treat them like very serious issues because they can have an impact on multiple facets of your life.

There are three levels of blood alcohol concentration (BAC) that qualify for drunk driving charges in this state. The first is general impairment, which is anything from a level of .08 to .1. The next is high BAC, which is from .1 to .159. The final one is highest BAC, which is anything higher than .16.

When you are getting ready to head out for fun times this weekend, try to avoid driving if you consume alcohol. Use a designated driver, rideshare program or public transportation. Doing these now can help you avoid trouble in the future.

If something happens and you end up facing a drunk driving charge, you will likely find that you have a tough road ahead of you. A conviction can lead to other issues, including the loss of your driver’s license and considerable fines. If you do lose your license, you can lose your job if having a license is a condition of the job duties.

As you can see, the impacts of these cases are far-reaching. We can help you figure out what plan you might use to address the issues before you. Start working on your defense now so you don’t have to rush things later.