Many courts have diversionary programs which permit criminal defendants to have the charges against them withdrawn so long as they complete and comply with certain conditions. One of these types of diversionary programs is the Lancaster County Drug Court Program which permits defendants to go on it if they are accused of certain drug crimes. Heroin Lancaster County is located west of Chester County and has one of the more stringent law enforcement programs and justice systems in the state. Despite this, Lancaster County has an excellent Drug Court Program. Drug Court is a program which enables criminal defendants charged with crimes related to drug use, such as possession or even the delivery of narcotics to another, to go on a period of probation for about two years and have their charges withdrawn so long as they perform certain tasks. These tasks typically are attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings or narcotics Anonymous meetings, stay clean, comply with testing and report in with a probation officer as directed.

Although Lancaster County Drug Court can be a difficult program, it is absolutely worth it because it enables an accused with the chance to have his record expunged and it gives him the chance to turn his life around and live a happy, sober and clean life. Criminal use communication facility The program requires that an accused agree to submit to a drug and alcohol evaluation in order to see if he is eligible for the program. The purpose of the drug and alcohol evaluation is to make sure that the defendant has a problem with either drugs or alcohol and therefore has a need of the Lancaster County Drug Court Program. If the accused does have a drug problem and is eligible, he should apply for the program right after his Preliminary Hearing which he should also waive. Make sure to contact an experienced Drug Court Lawyer to represent you in such cases