A field sobriety test is one of the tools that police officers have to gauge whether someone should be driving or not. The battery of tests that is done consists of three tests if it is a standardized field sobriety test, but could have different tests if it isn’t the standardized version.

When you are taking a field sobriety test, you must do things exactly how the officer tells you to do them. The officer will watch you to see how well you comply and execute the exercises you are given.

One of the most important things to remember is that you shouldn’t run. If you try to run from the scene, you are going to get caught eventually. You might have more criminal charges added to your case because of running away. Even if you know the outcome will be that you land in jail, it is better to stay put and face the situation.

As you are talking to the officer, make sure that you don’t fall over. There is a good chance that if you aren’t sober enough to stand that you aren’t sober enough to drive.

Even if it is tempting to have fun during the test, don’t do anything that is going to increase the cop’s claim that you are intoxicated. Don’t try to do cartwheels to show you are sober and don’t try to do yoga and karate moves.

If you do take a field sobriety test and are ultimately arrested at that traffic stop, you need to think carefully about the circumstances of the test to determine if there are any points that you can use to fight back against the charge.

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