Federal criminal court is much different from other criminal courts. You have to be properly prepared before you walk into one of these courts to face criminal charges. We understand that you might feel trepidation about having to do this. Fortunately, we are familiar with the federal court system and can help you learn what you need to know to face the charges.

One thing that you might not realize is that the penalties for federal convictions are usually pretty harsh. In the current federal criminal justice system, there isn’t any parole for individuals. Only people who committed crimes prior to November 1987 and have a sentence of less than 30 years are eligible for parole. This doesn’t mean that reduced sentences aren’t possible, but it does mean that there is a good chance you will have to serve your entire sentence.

You should understand that the programs, such as drug court, that are offered on a state level aren’t available on a federal level. There are some special programs, but there isn’t anything comparable to state programs. This can make these cases difficult for you to face because of the very limited options that are available.

Getting ready to face federal charges takes a lot of preparation. We can help you get your case together so that you can understand the plan. As decisions have to be made about the direction of your case, we will turn to you for answers. The case has to be handled how you want because you are the person who will have to live with the outcome of it.