The criminal justice process is meant to help punish people who break the law. When you are facing charges of any sort, you have the right to defend yourself against those charges. This is one of the most important things that you need to remember if you are involved in the criminal justice system.

It is easy to fall into the habit of thinking that someone who is facing charges is guilty, but this assumption goes against the criminal justice system’s concept of defendants being presumed innocent until they are proven guilty in court. This concept isn’t one that’s new, but it is fairly easily forgotten in society. A person who is facing violent crime charges is likely going to have to deal with this type of stigma.

Criminal charges can impact every area of your life. Your work life might be affected if your employer opts to terminate your employment. It might be difficult to find a new job because of the charges. The stigma we just discussed can affect your social life. Some criminal charges might even trickle into your home life. Domestic violence charges, for example, can affect your child custody case if you have one going.

We realize that you probably aren’t ready to have to deal with these types of impacts, but this is the reality for many people. We can’t take away the other impacts of these charges, but we can work with you to help you evaluate the options you have for your defense. Once we have a plan, we will stand by you as you go through the system.