The circumstances of drug charges varies greatly. Some people might face simple possession charges due to a drug addiction. Others might face drug sale charges for having larger amounts of drugs. In some instances, other charges like robbery might also be present because the person is addicted to drugs and is trying to do whatever it takes to get a fix. In all of these cases, the individual needs help.

The setup of the criminal justice system doesn’t always make it possible for the court to provide help to the person facing the charges. Oftentimes, the defendant will need help with an addiction or even with social circumstances so that they can leave drugs alone and get a fresh start in life.

We realize that you might feel like your case is hopeless. We are here to help you find out what options you have in your case so that you can formulate a plan and try to address the charges. This isn’t always easy and might take some serious thought on your part.

From plea deals to trials, there are many different things that can happen when you are facing drug charges. You must be honest with yourself about the circumstances of your case so that you can come up with realistic solutions. We are here to guide you through the criminal justice system. We will be honest with you about what you are facing.

The one thing you don’t want to do is to ignore the fact that you have charges pending. Ignoring the charges could mean that you miss out on options that might have helped you.