Violent Crimes such as Possession of firearm with altered manufacturer’s number can be extremely serious. This crime criminalizes the intentional possession of a firearm that has the manufacturer’s number on the firearm altered or changed. Firearm charges The reason for the criminalization of the possession of guns that have the manufacturer’s number changed or obliterated is that it makes it nearly impossible for the government to discover who originally purchased the firearm and how the firearm came into the possession of the defendant. In order for an accused to be found guilty of this crime, the government must prove the following elements beyond a reasonable doubt: First that the accused knowingly and intelligently possessed a firearm. Second that the firearm had the manufacturer’s number altered, changed, removed or obliterated.

Violent Crimes such as Possession of a firearm with altered manufacturer’s number is a very serious crime. A person who violates this crime commits a felony of the second degree and therefore is can be sentenced to a maximum of 10 years in state prison and a $15,000 fine. Additionally, this crime can be found in the Pennsylvania Crimes Code under Title 18 section 6110.2.  Fantasy defense Make sure to seek the assistance of a Chester County Violent Crimes attorney if you have been charged with committing this crime. A conviction for a felony gun charge can be life changing. It can have a number of negative consequences such as possibly loosing your right to vote and having your application flagged by prospective employers. There are a number of defenses that should be explored with your attorney if you are charged with this crime. They include possible suppression motions arguing that the police obtained the firearm by violating the accused’s constitutional rights and that the defendant did not knowingly possess the firearm.