Facing federal criminal charges isn’t ever an easy journey. One thing that is probably looming on your mind is the possibility of having to go to prison due to the federal charge. Typically, you will have a chance to get ready for prison before you have to report. This is because you might be convicted on one court date and then have a sentencing date later.

When you are preparing for federal prison, there are a few things that you need to think about. One of the most important is how you are going to get financial support while you are in prison. You will need someone to put money into your inmate account. This enables you to purchase items from the commissary, make phone calls and send emails. Some prisons might have other things you can do with money that is on your books.

You will need to make plans for communication with your family members. Phone calls, letters and emails might all be possible. You will have to find out from the facility where you are being sent what options are present and how the systems will work.

It is a good idea to have a physical before you go into prison. While federal prisons do offer medical care, you might not be pleased about the speed or quality of care that you might receive. You should also get into the best shape possible. You likely won’t have to fight other inmates if you are in a low- or minimum-security prison since there usually aren’t violent inmates in those.

Be prepared to deal with the intake process. If you know where you are going and will be allowed to surrender yourself to the prison, you can take the time to download the handbook from the Bureau of Prisons website and learn about the programs offered in the facility.

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